Dinner Menu


Dining Room Open
11am-3pm and 4pm-8pm
Closed Daily 3 – 4 pm for Dinner preparation

  • $23.99


    Green peppers, onions and mushrooms in a red wine marinara

  • All entrees served with your choice of pasta: Substitutions

    Spinach $2.00, Broccoli $2.00, Gluten-free pasta $3.00 Add Garden Salad – $2.25

  • $20.99

    Chicken Parmigiana

    Chicken breast breaded and fried, topped with our homemae marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese

  • $20.99

    Chicken Piccata

    Chicken breast sautéed in a garlic,  lemon and caper white wine sauce

  • $20.99

    Chicken Marsala

    Chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms and garlic in a Marsala wine sauce

  • $20.99

    Chicken Francaise

    Battered chicken breast seared in a garlic, lemon, butter and Chablis wine sauce

  • $21.99

    Chicken Florentina

    Chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms and topped with fresh baby spinach and provolone cheese in a Chablis wine with a touch of marinara sauce.

  • $23.99

    Chicken Genovese

    Seared chicken breast with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and mushrooms in a white wine sauce with a touch  marinara sauce

  • $14.99

    Cacio & Pepe

    Authentic Italian dish from the city of Rome

  • $19.99

    D’s Italiano

    Cavatelli tossed in extra virgin olive oil with fresh tomatoes, black olives, sundried tomatoes, broccoli and fresh garlic in a pesto sauce.

  • $16.99

    Penne Vodka

    Prosciutto, onions, garlic, and marinara sauce with a touch of heavy cream

  • $15.99

    Meat Lasagna

    Layers of pasta, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and meat sauce form this hearty Italian classic

  • $15.99

    Manicotti w/Marinara Sauce

    Stuffed with ricotta cheese, mozzarella and served with homemade marinara sauce

  • $15.99

    Spaghetti and Meatballs

    Spaghetti tossed in our home made marinara sauce and served with two meatballs

  • $15.99

    Baked Ziti

    Ziti mixed with marinara sauce and ricotta cheese, baked with melted mozzarella cheese

  • $18.99

    Fettucine Alfredo

    Butter, heavy cream and salt and pepper

  • Add-ons:

    Chicken – $3.00 / Sausage – $2.00 / Shrimp – $5.00 Gluten-Free Pasta,- $3.00 / Add Garden Salad – $2.25

  • $15.99

    Cavatelli Primavera

    Ricotta pasta sauteed with mushroom, black olives, plum tomatoes and spinach in a garlic aioli sauce with a touch of our marinara

  • $17.99

    Spaghetti Carbonara

    Pancetta and egg in a cream sauce

  • Extra Dressing Extra Dressing

    Dressings – Ranch, Caesar, Blue Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Oil & Vinegar, and Honey Mustard  – $1

  • $16.99

    D’s Shrimp Salad Scampi

    Fresh chopped romaine lettuce with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella and grilled shrimp

  • $14.99

    Antipasto Salad

    Fresh chopped lettuce with ham, salami, pepperoni, aged provolone, tomatoes, and giardiniera topped off with parmesan cheese, parsley and balsamiic glaze

  • $5.99

    Garden Salad

    Fresh chopped Romaine lettuce with tomatoes, black olives, red peppers, red onions and carrot.

  • $9.99

    Chicken Caesar Salad

  • $24.99

    Cozze & Vongole

    Clams, mussels, baby clams and tomatoes in a white wine sauce

  • $25.99

    Scallops ala Palermo

    Scallops and mushrooms in a sherry wine lemon cream sauce

  • $27.99

    Lobster Ravioli

    Lobster Ravioli with shrimp and scallops in a pink brandy cream sauce

  • $28.99

    Seafood ala Cioppino

    Scallops, shrimp, mussels,  calamari and clam simmered in a fresh tomato and Italian herb white wine sauce, Served over risotto

  • $24.99

    Penne ala Dianeth

    Scallops, shrimp, and crab meat in a brandy cream sauce

  • $22.99

    Shrimp Scampi

    Fresh shrimp, plumb tomatoes and garic served in a lemon butter and wine sauce.

  • $21.99

    Linguine and White Clam Sauce

    Clams sautéed with garlic and white wine served over a bed of linguini

  • $24.99

    Seafood Alfredo

    Penne tossed with broccoli, scallops, garlic and shrimp in an alfredo cream sauce

  • All entrees served with your choice of pasta : Substitutions

    Spinach $2.00, Broccoli $2.00, Gluten-free pasta $3.00 Add Garden Salad – $2.25

  • $5.00/$6.50

    Side of Onion Rings

    • Small - $5.00
    • Large - $6.50
  • $6.99

    Side of Meatballs

    Two meatballs in our homemade marinara sauce

  • $6.99

    Side of Sausage

    Two sausages in our homemade marinara sauce

  • $6.99

    Side of Vegetables Aglio Olio

    Your choice of Fresh spinach or broccoli sautéed with garlic and oil

  • $4.50/$6.50

    Side of French Fries

    • (Small) - $4.50
    • (Large) - $6.50
  • $11.99


    Mozzarella and Pizza Sauce with your choice of two toppings

    Extra Sauce $1.00 | Extra Toppings $1.00

  • $11.99


    With Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese along with your choice of two toppings

    Extra Sauce $1.00 | Extra Toppings $1.00